GRS Berserk Stock

Team B2B Precision:
Thoughts on rifle stock designs:
As we ride the big wave of shooting sports’ rapid rise in participation and interest, we are very fortunate to be at the leading edge of all the new and innovative designs for new and old products.  

The Long Range and Tactical persuasion of the shooting sports continues to see new design and re-design of products that lend themselves to enhanced performance of firearms and related shooting gear.  

Rifle stocks continue to evolve to further accommodate shooter needs and styles. The typical stock has had to incorporate features of the many new and varying chassis designs in order to stay somewhat relevant. A very large part of the market is appearance based, with actual performance being along for the ride as long as price is right and it looks cool enough (or so it seems).  

I won’t even try to suggest that one came before the other, or which one is more popular. I will suggest they both have applications they excel in. In those uses, one can certainly be better than the other. 

We’ve all seen the factory bolt rifles now offered in chassis and other compelling stock options. We’ve also seen everything that companies like Stockys currently offer.

As for “compelling”, I want to bring up the GRS 10 from Savage. For those of us who like more of a traditionally based stock, but with some of the features of a chassis, the GRS stock is a perfect fit. The adjustability of the GRS, along with its ergonomics, makes it a very comfortable platform to shoot.  

At Box To Bench Precision, we recognized that it could be some time before we would be able to get a “hands on” with a rifle fitted with the GRS stock. We decided to contact GRS in Norway directly and lobby for a sample of their Berserk stock. GRS was more than willing to allow us to get first-hand experience with their new stock, the GRS BERSERK.

When we received the stock, we were instantly impressed with its appearance straight out of the box. It felt very nice, well balanced, and of great quality. So naturally, we wanted to shoot from it. Just so happened we have a Savage model 10 FCP-SR that we mounted to the GRS Berserk so we could gain a finer insight for its handling characteristics on the bench.

At the bench, the Berserk provided improved groups over the Savage factory accu-stock. I’m certain this can be explained by way of proper fit to the shooter. If you have never shot an adjustable stock, then you don’t really know what a good fit is. Rifle stocks, like socks, should not be lumped into a one size fits most category. Since we have been shooting a variety of adjustable options the last few years, we can hardly get comfortable behind a regular old stock anymore.

Proper length of pull along with proper cheek rise and the ergonomics of the canted pistol grip made for a very pleasant bench session. Whether you buy one of the factory rifles fitted with a GRS stock, or you buy one after market and install it yourself, you will be surprised and pleased with the way this stock shoots.  

Installation was total drop in with no altering or modification required. Fitting the action requires a bit of effort to set the stock onto the receiver deep enough to engage the front action screw, but this was only because we were hesitant to put pressure on anything until we looked it over closely. All in all, this stock is a great option that is a wonderful shooting experience. Team B2B

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