GRS Berserk Stock

GRS Berserk Stock

At the bench, the Berserk provided improved groups over the Savage factory accu-stock. I’m certain this can be explained by way of proper fit to the shooter. If you have never shot an adjustable stock, then you don’t really know what a good fit is. Rifle stocks, like socks, should not be lumped into a one size fits most category. Since we have been shooting a variety of adjustable options the last few years, we can hardly get comfortable behind a regular old stock anymore.

Rifle Dies

Rifle Dies

Based on Team B2B Precisions personal testing and the account of our RPR .243 Load Development article at Long Range Hunting on line magazine, we can say without a doubt, we experienced measurable gains in precision by full uniforming of our brass to include neck turning and using bushing dies. When you enter a repeatable factor such as neck tension to your process, you are also affecting velocity and pressure. Knowing that each and every bullet can be released under the same pressure and obtain very similar velocity gives you the confidence that your collected data will give you first shot hits at very extended ranges.

To Reload or Not to Reload

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself . . . “should I reload my own ammo”?  Well, me either.  But I have asked myself if it’s really worth it to reload ammunition.  

Trying to explain worth, one has to consider the money side of reloading.  How much is it going to cost.  Next, understanding just what kind of accuracy improvements you can expect to see from loading your own ammo.

Before I talk about scopes, I will backpedal just a bit to include some more info about box rifles...

Before I talk about scopes, I will backpedal just a bit to include some more info about box rifles; the Savage GRS is a promotional item and is in limited supply until later in the summer.

I would also like to add that yes, Remingtons in certain models are also good.

I will explain more later about what distinguishes the hunting rifle from a play rifle.

The Origin of This Blog

The following information first appeared on Len Backus' Long Range Hunting Online Magazine Forum on 01/28/2016.  JDMecomber, Manager for B2B Precision first started publishing data and findings from his research on this forum under the Load Development Ruger Precision Rifle .243 thread.  This thread has received a lot of attention in the long range community, and we are going to continue posting further developments on this blog as well.

This blog will reflect all the prior posts from B2B staff and all future posts regarding the long range data and load developments.