The Ultimate Hunting Target

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The Ultimate Hunting Target

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Introduction: This target is calibrated for MILS, MOA or IPHY all on the same target

The Ultimate Hunting Target, designed and developed by Box To Bench Precision LLC, is an advanced precision hunting target.  It will test the shooter’s ability, as well as the capability of the rifle, scope, ammunition, and equipment as a whole. This target will show the effects of an improperly leveled scope, the importance of a precise zero, and the capability of a riflescope to accurately track and return to zero. This target will challenge shooters of all skill levels.  Practicing with this target can help new shooters to acquire the necessary skills for long range hunting, as well as hone those of the more advanced shooters.

The Ultimate Hunting Target measures 38 inches tall by 24 inches wide.  It features 15 different scope tracking scenarios that require the shooter to dial windage and elevation given from the scenario directions below.  The variety of scope tracking scenarios will test you and your equipment with approximately 700 MOA or 200 Milliradians of scope travel. The entire target is designed to be shot at precisely 100 yards, and it is calibrated for use with rifle scopes using 1 inch per hundred yards (IPHY), Milliradians (MILS), and true minute of angle (MOA).  


  • Rifle: caliber of your choice with quality ammo (17 rounds required)

  • Precise Zero and Level Scope

  • Scope:  turrets capable of 33.5 MOA or 9.3 MILS of travel above your zero,14.5 MOA or 4.2 MILS windage travel

  • Target: leveled with builder’s level through the center of the bulls eye, or level the top of the target.   Staple it flat and wrinkle free.


Once your rifle is zeroed, you will engage 15 scope tracking scenarios (animals).  You will be given 1 of 3 corresponding bullseye spots, along with an elevation and windage adjustment.  For example: the Alaskan moose uses bullseye number 2. From the directions below, you will dial the adjustments for the Alaskan moose, aim at the number 2 bullseye, and the shot should impact the moose in the center of the target spot on its body.  Next, return your riflescope to zero, and move on to the next scenario. Repeat.

There are also 2 bonus animals that will require the shooter to determine his/her own adjustments, based on their own scope.  One is a squirrel that measures .25 inches, shot from bulls-eye number 1, and the other is a rabbit at .5 inches tall, shot from bullseye number 2.

The Ultimate Hunting Target Scoring:

  • Animal’s body: 1 point

  • Inside the 1 inch circle: 2 points

  • Vital zone: 4 Points

  • Heart: 7 points

  • Bonus Squirrel: 10 points

  • Bonus Rabbit: 5 points

If any bullet breaks a scoring line, the higher score is recognized.  The vital zone and heart decrease in size as the rifle scope increases in elevation.

The Ultimate Hunting Target Challenge:

Every month we are giving away $75 in free targets from Box to Bench Precision, LLC.  To qualify, submit a photo of the shooter with their rifle and completed target.  In addition, please submit a close up picture of the target so that the impacts can be seen.  The top shooters will be featured on the

monthly Ultimate Hunting Target Challenge Board. Each verified submission will get an entry to win the $75 in targets.  Only two entries a month per person. No duplicate targets will be accepted. Submit your entries to  

*We reserve the right to amend or cancel this challenge at anytime*

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