GRS X Eater

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GRS X Eater

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This is the perfect stock for benchrest shooting. 

The forend is made to fit the  standard front rest and the rear of the stock is designed for a two stitch rear bag.

The front and rear stock is made perfectly parallel giving this stock excellent tracking in the rest. It is offered on several inlets, because there is a lot of custom actions out there it is also deliver uninletted stocks, with the action and barrel channel left to mill out.  

The stocks will be offerd in black/blue and black/red Strata bond only. 

The GRS models Berserk, Hunter and Sporter came with the new and updated GRS SpeedLock system in March 2017. For the time being, the GRS models Hybrid and X Eater will not be available for ordering with the new system. The GRS Bolthorn will continue as is, and will not be updated.

The current adjustment system for GRS X Eater has a 28 mm maximum LOP.



  •         Matte Lacquer finish
  •         0.5" Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad
  •         Birch Laminate
  •         LOP 35-37.8 cm
  •         Height adjustable recoil pad option included
  •         Total length 87.5 cm
  •         Fore end width 74 mm
  •         Adjustable cheek piece and LOP, both 30MM adjustability
  •         Weight 1.85 kg (with a Remington 40X single shot inlet)
  •         Glass bedding recommended
  •         RH stocks only
  •         Available in Black/Blue and Black/Red only
  •         Bull barrel contour

**Call B2B Precision to order your specific model/inlet required.**

You can see a list of available inlets by clicking here.  

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